Brian Fitzgerald

Head of Mobilisation and Digital Networking
Greenpeace International
Brian Fitzgerald is Head of Mobilisation and Digital Networking at Greenpeace International. His career as a digital thought leader in online activism spans the days of acoustic couplers and the organisation's first website in the 90s, to the uptake of Social Media in the last decade, with detours along the way at the tag and Second Life. He's been arrested for interfering with a nuclear weapons test, hung a banner on the Statue of Liberty, and sailed on missions to save the whales and protect the oceans with Greenpeace. As the head of a multiple-award winning team he conceived, led, or contributed to online activism campaigns which have shifted the environmental policies of companies from Apple to Unilever. He's an unapologetic believer in peace, love, and understanding and a champion of the interwebs and Social Media as a means to redirect corporate power toward advocacy for a sustainable world, and for keeping global brands honest about their environmental and social responsibility. He's @brianfit on Twitter.