Jeff Hagins

Founder & CTO

Jeff Hagins is a Founder and CTO of SmartThings. SmartThings has created a platform for the Internet of Things that is enabling a friction-free experience for Consumers & Business Users, Developers, Makers, and Manufacturers by bringing the Physical Graph online and making the physical world programmable. Prior to SmartThings, Hagins was CTO/CIO for ReachLocal, a provider of Internet Advertising a SaaS services to more than 50,000 SMBs in 9 countries. Hagins has also been CTO for a variety of SaaS providers including SMBLive, Dynix, Apptix, and TeleComputing. A recognized expert in SaaS, Hagins has also provided SaaS and Cloud Computing strategic consulting services to companies such as Microsoft, SAP, CSC, Infor, Telecom NZ, Telefonica, and many others.