Ludovic le Moan

Engineer graduated from ENSIMAG (group Polytechnique Grenoble), Ludovic le Moan (48) started his career in scientific and business positions prior to leading COFRAMI Group (1500 employees) that he quit to create Anyware Technologies, a company specialised in M2M data management software which he further sold to Wavecom. He then founded GOOJET, now called, the curation leader (human management of fields of expertise through internet), that he left to become CEO of SIGFOX in December 2010 (and made the first 2 million euros round table at that time). He remains a very active member of the board of this highly promising company that embodies yet another one of his strategic visions. Ludovic le Moan is a serial entrepreneur who takes on his free time to provide many and one business founders with free advice and help. Some of those entities and seed companies are federated within one of Ludovic’s initiatives called TIC Valley (TIC stands for Information and Communication Technology), a melting pot of talents and ideas that are selected then pushed and directed so as to secure and fasten the growth of the sound ones in a protected environment where services and knowledge are mutualised. He personally contributed to spotting and ensuring the success of tens of French and International companies. SIGFOX recently closed a 10 million euros capital increase.