Rodrigo Sepulveda

Entrepreneur & Investor

Rodrigo' has 10 years industry experience as a serial entrepreneur in the Internet sector (Sepulveda Capital,, glowria, RISC Partners) including recognized skills in business & financial planning, fund raising, corporate governance, marketing, product development and sales. 

He started his career as a digital strategy consultant for Fortune 500 companies and consultancies, and still regularly helps them with large scale European telecom, e-commerce and media projects. He was involved recently with Capgemini Worldwide, AOL Europe, and previously with customers of Gemini Consulting, KPMG Consulting, Novell Europe and Intel Europe.

After selling his last 2 companies in 2009, he was heavily involved with technological innovation as an angel investor (amiando, Trigami, GetAround, Lofty, Socialwire), as a board member (AllMyApps), a pro-bono mentor to several hundred Internet startups (personal office hours, The Founder Institute, Le Camping), and as a startup competition jury member (at many events including SeedCamp, Lovie Awards).

He started podcasting as a marketing tool for his video company, first with the Mry & Rodrigo Show (several years - 73 shows), then weekly at LCI Radio (2 years - 82 shows) where he commented on technology news. He is currently part of the "On Refait le Mac" gang producing the #1 podcast in France (2 years - over 115 shows), commenting on the business side of technology.

He is a Computer Science Engineer (EPITA) and holds 2 MBAs from the Sorbonne and INSEAD/Wharton. He is a sought-after speaker at events worldwide and a regular lecturer in graduate schools (INSEAD, HEC, Telecom Paris).

In his spare time, Rodrigo is an avid traveler, photographer and enjoys fine dining, biking and snowboarding. He tweets too much on @rodrigo and can be reached at