LeWeb Paris 2012 Program Announced

The Internet of Things is the most exciting theme we have ever worked on. We’ve been talking about connected objects for years, but with mobile devices to control them, ubiquitous data networks and a software platform enabling them to communicate faster than realtime, it’s finally becoming a reality.

The way the Internet of Things gets financed is also a breakthrough. Many projects do not ever raise funding through the classic business angels and VC model, they go to sites such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo (Danae Ringelmann on stage) to finance themselves without any dilution (Ben Kaufman of Quirky and Jamie Siminoff of Edison Jr). Some even don’t need those crowdfinancing platforms, they raise on their own sites (Lockitron raised $2M+ on their web site only and we have founders Cameron Robertson and Paul Gerhardt on stage).

We’ve never had so many product demos onstage, than with the Internet of Things theme.

We will see how your house will get connected with Tony Fadell and his Nest connected Thermostat, how you can get in it keyless with Lockitron, how you can control lighting with Lifx Lightbulbs and even control your plants with Koubachi, just to name a few.

Your body is getting connected with Ariel Garten of Interaxon wiring our brains, Amber Case looking at how we will become Cyborgs or David Cann putting us in Robots with Double Robotics.

Lots of content around connected health of course, with Cedric Hutchings that launched Withings at LeWeb a few years back and it’s now sold in Apple Stores, James Park will talk to us about how Fitbit improves our health and sleep. If that’s not enough, Gil Blander will help you connect your blood into the cloud to better understand your body and what you need to eat to improve it.

We will even have a chance to meet one of the minds behind the connected object who went the farthest, Benjamin Cichy from NASA, who built the software at the core of the Curiosity Rover's brain and made the mission to Mars such a success.

Visionaries such as Henri Seydoux, DJ Patil, Munjal Shah and Rafi Haladjian will share with us where we’re going and what our connected lives will look like in the future.

As always, LeWeb will discuss where the key players are going with Kevin Systrom, Pascal Cagni and speakers from Twitter, Facebook, Google, Orange, Pandora, Wordpress, Salesforce and more. Platforms and how they are moving into the cloud will be again a key topic with Dropbox, Amazon and YouSendit.

Incredible entrepreneurs will share their stories, such as how David Marcus sold his startup to Paypal and... became Paypal’s CEO!!!

Finally and beyond the theme, we will look at how Scott Harrison is changing the World one village at a time, with his Charity Water and also be inspired by how Bill Tai and Susi Mai connect entrepreneurs with kite-surfing, how Scott Dunlap runs a marathon every week and how Brian Shul flew the fastest jet in the World at Mach III and 75,000 feet.

LeWeb will again have a digital business track with World experts from digital brands and be the center of innovation with 16 startups that will compete on the Startup stage.

See you in Paris!